Final Close Announcement — Salkantay Exponential Fund LP

  • Maximizing Human Potential: Start-ups that enable individuals in the region to unleash their full potential through education, training, and access to quality jobs, as well as technologies that improve health and wellbeing.
  • Economic Inclusion: Start-ups that increase productivity through digitization, particularly at the SME level, or that increase economic inclusion through financial services.
  • Sustainability: Start-ups that mitigate the impact of climate change and foster the responsible consumption of natural resources.
  • Edtech: Ubits, Slang, Aprende, uDocz
  • Jobtech: Torre, Talently
  • Wellness: Manzana Verde
  • Fintech: Migrante, Minu, Prestamype, Cometa
  • Proptech: Aptuno
  • SaaS: Leal
  • Cleantech: Kilimo



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