Venture Partner announcement

Salkantay Ventures / March 20th, 2022

We’re pleased to announce our first set of venture advisors: Saul Chrem and Enrique Ortegón are two of the more experienced individuals in the SaaS space in LatAm. Venture advisors are either investors in the fund or other executives and entrepreneurs that we’ve worked with that bring a unique knowledge or skill set that helps us in identifying and selecting deals, and that can work with the companies in order to help them scale.

Saul is the founder and head of growth at Xertica, the leading cloud services company in the region. He has built go-to-market organizations that sell 10s of millions of dollars to enterprises, SMBs and public agencies across LatAm in the telco and cloud computing spaces. He’s also a successful angel investor and an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Enrique is the Global VP for North America for Docusign, leading the SMB and Digital-to-direct efforts. He previously was SVP for North America SMB sales at Salesforce, and the SVP and GM for all of LatAm, leading Salesforce’s expansion into the region. He was previously a consultant at Monitor Group and at Bain.

Over the following months we will announce more venture advisors that will be assisting us and our portfolio companies in functions such as sales operations, tech architecture, M&A, etc. and verticals such as Fintech, Climate tech, education, etc.

Left: Saul Chrem / Right: Enrique Ortegón



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